Concrete Techniques – Introduction to Street Photography

Concrete Techniques – Introduction to Street Photography

Street Photography can be an enticing and intimidating style of shooting for even the most advanced photographers. This course offers a solid starting point for shooters of all skill levels to learn how best to handle themselves when taking to the streets, camera in hand. 

OutlierImagery workshop Alumni in Union Square NYC.

The Basic pass to the Washington Square Saturday introductory course will cover the following and much more – 

Basic equipment fluency – Making sure you’re controlling your equipment correctly, and it’s not controlling you instead. Making sure you know how to use the gear you’ve got, or what gear you’d be better served working with.

Hunting vs. Gathering – Classic techniques of either keeping on the move and finding your subjects by chance or laying in wait for the perfect frame to cross your path. 

The Decisive moment – A term that is often used incorrectly by street shooters, we take the time to go over just what this term means to your work, and how best you can apply this idea to create more distilled images.

Basic Street Theory – Putting the theoretical into a practical place, taking discussion points into the real world and actually making work so when you discuss your opinions with fellow street shooters, you can speak from a place of experience. 

The VIP pass includes an extra hour of guided shooting, as well as two critique sessions and a custom batch of Lightroom Street Presets. 

Email the instructor about group session & student discount tickets. 

For more advanced street techniques, head over to the advanced class offered on Sundays – attend both events for a discounted price! –

All workshops include an invitation to the OutlierImagery Alumni group, with special vouchers and early access for future events. 

For custom tailored one on one sessions on any manner of photographic styles, visit our Workshop Homepage. –

Rodney – Advanced Low Light Session, Los Angeles

Testimonials – 

“I had the opportunity to spend the day in a 1×1 workshop with Daniel and it was fantastic. We worked at my pace, on the topics that I wanted to train on. Camera set up, Lightroom workflow, street style shooting techniques, etc. were all part of our day. As a working professional portrait photographer, it was a delight to step back and spend the day with another professional, looking at my portfolio and discussing both the technical and business aspects of photography. ”— John Hall, LA – Advanced visual storytelling.

“Whenever I have a question about photography I can always rely on Daniel to give me an insightful and specific answer. He really is the one person I can trust when it comes to knowledge about photographic equipment. He has not failed me once, and not only is this a sign of a good professional, but also a good friend. On top of that, he taught me how to work in a studio, coming along with me to give me hands-on tips and tricks. I can work by myself now, but it is people like him that have given me confidence in my artistic endeavors and technical prowess.”— Maria, NYC – Advanced studio practices.
“Just finished a two-day workshop with Daniel. I have to say that is is one of if not the best one I have attended. — He helped me get to know my camera better and all the nuances about it that certainly help raise an ordinary snapshot to that of a real photograph. Daniel did not try to change my style but instead, his constant probing and critique pushed me to think of what I was shooting in ways I have not done so before. I was pushed beyond my comfort zone, which is something I have not felt in a long time!”— Roy, LA – Advanced Street workshop.

About your instructor – 

Daniel Schaefer is a Photographer and Filmmaker based wherever his lens and pen are most useful. Raised half and half in the grit and glamour of Los Angeles and the roiling concrete stew of Manhattan, his work is driven by an inherent sense of narrative, be it editorial portraiture or street level reportage. With his expertise in vintage, rare and unusual equipment, he’s able to give his work that extra touch of unusual that sets it apart more readily. His work can be found under the @OutlierImagery handle and at any of the following links –