Essential Oils for Natural Health and Wellness

Essential Oils for Natural Health and Wellness

This is a complimentary class.

Are you looking for natural ways to keep your family healthy? Have you heard about all the toxic chemicals lurking in everyday household products we use? If you answered yes to either question then this class is for you!

I’ll introduce you to Young Living essential oils and walk you through simple ways that you can use essential oils and plant-based products to create better health for your family and a less toxic home environment.

Learn how to use essential oils to:

  • Reduce tension and stress

  • Promote restful sleep for little ones all night long

  • Promote mental alertness

  • Support a healthy respiratory system

  • Support sore muscles and joints

  • Maintain optimal digestive balance

  • Help build and maintain a healthy immune system

  • Promote a clear and radiant complexion

  • Support healthy air quality

  • Help support healthy weight & healthy YOU

  • And so much more

I’ll give you easy steps you can start to implement right away to get the toxic junk out of your home and away from your family ASAP.

You will leave with a ton of information that you can put into practice right away and start figuring out what you can do to make simple fixes that will improve your health and lifestyle.

I have been using oils for several years and I love teaching others how to use them. You don’t want to miss this class. Come learn how to take control of your health!

Please note, the location of the event will be in Eagle Rock, CA. The exact address will be provided after RSVP a few days prior to the event.

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