Fun Wine Tasting and Food Pairing (with wine education)

Fun Wine Tasting and Food Pairing (with wine education)

We will enjoy fun and informative food-pairing + complimentary premium wine tasting of French and Napa California luxury wines. The event will be held inside a fun ethnic restaurant in the mid-city area of LA. However, the food served will be perfect for the American wine palate.  We’ll taste a selection of wines from an esteemed collection of 26 award-winning wineries that span 17 generations of winemaking. These rare, small production wines will be paired with an assortment of heavy appetizers, cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit, and chocolate or dessert. None of the food will be overly spicy and all will be suitable for a wine palate, think eggrolls, samosas, etc. This is a fun, guided, sit-down educational wine tasting. No prior wine experience is needed, and this event is fun and entertaining even for the experienced wineaux!. You will learn time-tested wine tasting techniques to increase your wine enjoyment. You will also learn about food and wine pairings, wine regions, and wine styles. Location is wheelchair accessible. If guests want to purchase any wines, they can order wine for shipment right to their doorsteps.


What should guests do before they arrive?  Please email or call the host once you book and give her your cell phone #, so you can easily communicate prior to the event. or call toll-free in the US 866-219-8558

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? 

Guests of any age are welcome to attend the event, however, guests must be 21 years of age or older with ID to drink alcohol. Children under the age of 2 are complimentary (just let the organizer know 24 hours in advance).

What about non-wine drinkers?

This food pairing is also fun for non-wine drinkers because if you let the organizer know, ideally 24 hours in advance, then she can mix up some fresh and fruity non-alcoholic drinks for guests of all ages. 

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? 

You can email any questions to or call toll-free in the US 866-219-8558

Parking: Lots of meters and even free parking in the surrounding neighborhoods 

New location as of 5/3/2019. The previous location was 1 block North @ Vinz on Fairfax 950 S. Fairfax, LA 90043