How to Get Your First Sale in Probate Real Estate

How to Get Your First Sale in Probate Real Estate

FREE Conference Call:                   How to Get Your First Sale in Probate Real Estate

There are lots of programs that promise to help you sell a LOT of homes, but how do you get your 1st sale?

As the baby boomer ages, the number of homes being passed on to heirs continues to increase. Los Angeles is the largest probate court in the United States. 

On this phone call, I’ll share with you 6 different ways that I have generated a listing or buyer sale that do not cost you any money. I am not selling any service, coaching product, or training program, and I am not recruiting you to a team, although you may find you want to work with me. You don’t even have to have a real estate license.

Ideal for wholesalers, bird-doggers, and flippers, learn how to find properties before they come to the market.

This is a conference call. Once you register, you’ll get the phone number and code for the call. The meeting is NOT live, but my office is in Beverly Hills and I do hold weekly meetings there for those that I am working with.

I’ll walk through in the first 20 minutes to lay out the 6 methods you can use today. At the end, I’ll offer you a chance to meet with me in person at the probate court for a live training of what is actually happening in the courtroom. After that, if you want to work with me, I can help you with leads, scripts, and free coaching support.

Just 2 weeks ago, a new wholesaler, Sonny, started working me, and a week later got his first property under contract. It can be you.


This training went above and beyond my expectations. Bill Gross is a 5-Star coach.
Ilona Hodge
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