Soil Workshop #3 – “Harvest Moon”

Soil Workshop #3 – “Harvest Moon”

“Harvest Moon – Harvesting with Nature’s Rythms”

This year, September’s Full Moon is the Harvest Moon, as it occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox. In the days preceding the Harvest Moon (12:33 am Saturday, so be sure to catch it the night of Friday, the 13th!), the moon’s presence is low, large, heavy and bright in the dusky twilight hours. This creates excellent conditions for evening harvests, at a time of year when farmers are particularly repellant to repose. 

Please gather with us as we explore harvesting techniques and rhythms that allow for optimal plant health and continuous growth. 

This week’s meal will occur BEFORE the talk. Each attendant will have the opportunity to harvest items from the fields, including many of our favorite and most nutrient-dense “weeds.”

While not required, your fiscal contributions are much appreciated. While they help us better prepare for more healthy soil convening, they also are regarded as an investment in the acceleration of the regenerative capacity of this land.