Mathematician Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. has been known as “The Tutor to The Stars from Malibu to Beverly Hills for coaching children of Hollywood celebrities to achieve success. MrManaiza has helped over 1, 200 students includingNCAA student-athletes from schools such as UCLA, to excel intellectually through coaching a speed-reading system also endorsed by three American presidentsHe has been honored in The White HouseIn 2018, he was knighted bythe order of OSJ in NYC.

WEEK 1-The Secret to Success through Coaching

WEEK 2-A Vision For The Future

WEEK 3-The Power Of Intention

WEEK 4-Achieving Doable Intentions (Level 1)

WEEK 5-Achieving Intentions With Your Best Effort (Level 2)

WEEK 6- Achieving Miracles Within 40 Days (Level 3)

Your will receive a Certificate of Participation  for completing the 6-week coaching course and those who go above and beyond by completing all assignments and being always on time, will also receive a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCEcoupled with admission to a special training to pass The California Real Estate State Exam. Phone coaching & 1-on-1 person trainings available upon request.  RSVP at (424) 228-0088/ (424) 279-2150.